VRP Teacher and Educator resources: Sporting Chance

Resource posted
on 07 Dec 2017

The second of two sets of Teacher and Educator activities created for the project, ‘Sporting Chance’ supports students in developing their data-handling skills, through looking at and interpreting graphical and other data to help to make better-informed decisions.

The activity supports aspects of enquiry at KS3 and KS4 science and is based around the context of what is perceived as ‘fair’ when competing in sport.

The context for the activity is based around exploring 3 sources:

Jon-Allan’s Story, available on the Living with Limb Loss page

VRP Sporting Chance Activity 1 – Professor Steve Haake’s blog article on Marcus Rehm, a Paralympic athlete keen to compete with able-bodied athletes.

VRP Sporting Chance Activity 2 & VRP Sporting Chance Activity 3 – Performance data. This includes women’s world records for the marathon, and personal best data for imaginary athletes, and considers the implications posed by such data.

Sporting Chance Performance rating cards


The materials have been developed with the support of the UTC2 Sheffield with thanks to the principal, Sarah Clarke; her teacher colleagues from across different curriculum areas, and most importantly input from over 100 students at UTC2 who have informed, tested and helped us to hone these activities.


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