Judith Higginson

Project Administrator

I am an administrator in The Centre for Development and Research in Education. I am involved with numerous different projects in the centre, from data management to organising courses and conferences.

The Virtual Reality Prosthetics project is one of the most interesting and varied projects I have worked on, and the exhibitions will feature some fascinating new technology and fun activities.

Posts by Judith

Design It! Creations from last week’s exhibition in Sheffield Winter Gardens

Article posted
on 15 Aug 2017

Last week’s exhibition in the Winter Gardens attracted 4384 visitors – here are a couple of great ideas that came  from the Design It! activity:

The first design is by Trinity Cavanagh, aged 5, which is soft and light and features voice recognition and helps you reach up high and also do high fives.

The second is Barnaby Cavanagh’s Batman hand (aged 3). This hand has got rubber bits on the fingers to help hold things, a Batman cape to help you fly and a button to provide grass for horses. It also turns into a boat and keeps you dry in the rain.



Upcoming exhibitions for 2017 in London, Sheffield and Edinburgh

Event posted
on 03 May 2017

Following on from the success of our events in Sheffield Millennium Galleries and Weston Park Museum in Autumn 2016, we will be taking our exhibition on tour in the coming months. Join us at the following venues:

London: 16th & 17th July at the Podium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to coincide with the World ParaAthletics Championships

Sheffield: 8 to 10th August in the Winter Gardens

Edinburgh: 14 & 15th October, at the National Museum of Scotland

There will be lots of exciting and interactive activities, including the chance to try our Virtual Reality and Leap Motion technologies, design your own prosthetic limb and find out more about how your mind controls your body.

Keep an eye on our blog posts or follow us on Twitter to get more information about the events and more!