Ivan Phelan

Game Development Researcher

I work as a Research Associate in Games and App development in C3RI at Sheffield Hallam University. I have achieved awards from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Sheffield Hallam’s Creative Spark, GamesRepublic via Rockstar Leeds and People Driven Digital Awards 2015 for my work. My primary area of expertise is in Unity and C# which are great tools to create fast functional prototypes. Currently my research focus is in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Health Technology Rehabilitation. Some of the projects I am currently involved with include virtual reality training projects, exploring virtual reality prosthetics, apps and game prototypes for local businesses.

My role on the project is to further develop the VR prototype to create a fun experience for upcoming events. The initial version of the VR prosthetic prototype has been used in patient trials and used the Oculus Rift. I really like the idea of using gaming technologies in a clinical setting and how it has the potential to make rehabilitation more engaging and even speed up recovery time.

Posts by Ivan

VR Prosthetics hits the news!

Video posted
on 28 Jul 2016

Our project featured in a 5 minute article on Channel 4 News on 27th July 2016. Their presenter and camera crew visited the Lab4Living Experimental Space at Sheffield Hallam University and spoke to VR system developer Ivan Phelan about the project. They filmed Kevin Evison using the system and discussed his experiences. This is great exposure for our project and for raising awareness of the usage of cutting edge technology to aide amputees.